Travis Howe

Architecture and Design 

Studebaker Campus

South Bend, Indiana


Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

South Bend, Indiana was home to the Studebaker car company for 65 years before the company closed down in 1967 and like many other manufacturing towns it withered without that economic core. Only a few of the buildings from the once sprawling campus remain and their state of disrepair echos the anemia of the town. As a the information economy grows, however, South Bend finds itself well positioned as midwest hub for a data transfer and storage.

The main building of the Studebaker campus still stands and repurposing it as an incubator office space and data center provides an opportunity to revitalize the local economy and create a prominent icon of the potential for rebirth in South Bend.

The total speculative rennovation would be 750,000sf of mixed use program encompassing, incubator office space, commercial office space, data center, building ammenities, and dormitory housing. The individual uses would feed off of each other both programatically and opperationally, taking advantage of waste heat from the data center to provide for other program elements and a photovoltaic canopy over the courtyard for energy generation and tempered year-round exterior space.