Travis Howe

Architecture and Design 

Housing Studio

Chicago, Illinois

Fall 2005

with Lindsey Feola

The conventional thinking is that when changes happen in our lives that require modification of our habitation, we move to a new location. Changes in family size, economic status, or even taste often result in people packing up all of their belongings and moving the whole family to a brand new residence. As an exploration of alternative housing models, this project investigates the ability of architecture to adapt to its occupants rather than the reverse. A simple core provides structure and utility to an array of modular units that attach through an integrated hoist mechanism.

Each module serves a primary function such as living, sleeping, dining, bathing, etc. and connects directly to the main core for all plumbing and electrical services. Occupants purchase real estate on the core's exterior face and attach modules to their existing space as needed. Each building is, therefore, in a constant state of flux and changes with the lives of its occupants.