Travis Howe

Architecture and Design 

Mixed-Use Development, Beijing

East Fourth Ring Road, Beijing, China


Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

The development of a massive mixed-use complex in Beijing's East Fourth Ring Road presents a challenge of creating pedestrian-friendly spaces while maintaining a unified and cohesive experience for the residents. Residential towers populate 3 blocks of the site intermixed with retail, athletic facilities and a school. The fourth block is left undeveloped providing a natural growth public park.

Long gestural paths snake through the site creating a common experience unique to the development. The towers flex within this framework while also adhering to rigid guidelines regarding views, solar exposure, and adjacency. The northwestern block features premiere residences in four towers that surround a central lagoon, while the southwestern block provides the athletic and entertainment complex for the development as well as a boutique hotel. The southeastern block creates a more dense urban experience with grade level retail and loft style apartments as well as low income housing across the southern edge.